The Prospect Road Recreation Association

Attention Community Members!

The Prospect Road Recreation Association is seeking a Volunteer Baseball Field Scheduler to book/schedule baseball/softball on the local ball fields in the Prospect Communities.

The ideal candidate is computer savvy and comfortable and proficient with email communication.  The Baseball Field Scheduler volunteers under the direction of the Prospect Road Recreation Association and works closely with the local kids and adult leagues to ensure field scheduling is done fairly, efficiently and in a timely manner.  Knowledge of baseball & softball is not necessarily required but is considered an asset.

Please email PRRA Chair Kelly Carlton at should you be interested in filling this position.

“one of the greatest gifts you can give is your time”

About the PRRA

The Prospect Road Recreation Association (PRRA) is comprised of representatives of various community groups that are active in the Prospect Communities, between the areas of Goodwood to West Dover.  Our role is to manage the local area rate in partnership with HRM by way of grant applications for community recreation projects.  Additionally, the PRRA also manages the mowing contracts for the sports and recreation fields and parks in the Prospect Communities as well as the outdoor washroom facilities.

The Prospect Road Recreation Association Executive Committee:

Kelly Carlton – Chair

Greg Skelhorn – Vice Chair

Helga Baxter – Secretary

The PRRA invites community groups to get involved in the Recreation Association and ask one or two members from local groups and organizations to attend our monthly meetings, which are typically held at the Prospect Road Community Centre.  Please email the Chair, Kelly Carlton at should you like to be added to the PRRA email list.

Note that grant funding for community projects has now closed for the 2018 year.  

Youth Grant Fund:

The PRRA has also established a Youth Grant Fund.  This fund is open to youth who reside in the Prospect Communities from Goodwood to West Dover, who are seeking help to subsidize National level play or above, or the highest level of the sport being played.

Grants of $200 per player are available or $1000 per team.  Please see grant applications for full criteria.  These can be applied for throughout the year.

Youth Grant Applications should be sent to for consideration.

2018 Youth Grant Application

Note that the Resource Opportunities Centre (ROC) provides technical support and web hosting to the Prospect Road Recreation Association (PRRA) – while the two groups often work collaboratively they are each their own entity, operating separately with their own specific vision, mission, and goals.