Farmers Market – About

The Prospect Communities Farmers Market will be launching on April 23rd, 2017 at the Prospect Road Community Centre, located at 2141 Prospect Road in Hatchet Lake.

The Farmers Market is a project of the Resource Opportunities Centre, a not-for-profit, community development organization that serves the many communities along Route 333, from Goodwood to West Dover.

Our vision: a welcoming, innovative, thriving community

Our mission: The ROC is a community based organization dedicated to sustainability and community development through the delivery of divers recreational, educational, cultural, social and technology related opportunities.

In support of our vision and mission this project is a collaboration between the ROC and the Spryfield and District Community Market as their Market Coordinator, Marian Munro, has agreed to also coordinate the Prospect Communities Farmers Market.

Our hours of operations will run on the opposite Sundays, making local products available to both sections of District 11.

The markets will be operated as separate entities and we will strive to maintain separate identities, while sharing some vendors, and hopefully guests.