New Horizons

Thanks to support from this federal government fund, we will be working with seniors in the community to take a version of our Lunch and Learn program on the road, into spaces throughout the Prospect Communities! The intent is to have seniors working to help eliminate isolation and improve access to programming for other seniors in their home communities. The events operate on a pay-what-you-can model, and the grant funding can be used to help cover space rental, supplies for food and program. The ROC administers the grant funding, and will work with you to manage the reporting pieces and reimburse expenses.

We need your help! Local groups or individuals can step up to host an event in your community. Each event includes a meal and some light activity; you’ll need access to a kitchen, and we can assist in ensuring you have training for First Aid and Food Safety (it’s a great opportunity if you need those recertifications this year, to have them paid for through this funding!) We’re really grateful to folks from the Village Green, and Shirley Little and (Thelma Ryan, maybe??) who have already stepped forward and planned activities in July, August, November and March! We’re looking for someone to take on May and June activities this spring…it could be you!

Please contact Shirley Jollimore at, or Jessica Morrissey at if you are interested in organizing an event in your own community, or to talk about an idea!